Classes vary through out the year.


Washoe County District Health Department-Division of Community & Clinical Health Services. A home visiting program with a public health nurse for current and past residents. Held bi-monthly.

Family to Family Connections
New Baby Centers, resource-lending centers, parenting classes.

Early Head Start
Provides center-based and home-based programs for income-qualifying families. On-going

Former Resident Panels
Former Casa de Vida residents return to the house with their children, for an evening of fun and laughter to talk about their experiences after leaving Casa de Vida. They speak of the challenges and the rewards of teen parenting, and assist the current residents during the question and answer portion of the event.

Doula Program
Casa de Vida encourages residents to utilize the services of a trained and certified Doula to assist the resident during childbirth. Doula’s provide support and comfort and act as advocates for the young resident in communicating to hospital staff during labor.

Young Lives Mentoring Program
Provides on-going mentoring support for pregnant teens.

Baby Basics Class
This is a quarterly parenting class teaching residents basic infant care such as diaper changes and baths.

Budgeting Class
Casa de Vida partners with Consumer Credit Counseling Services to provide our young adult residents with the tools needed to budget for the future and make monthly payments.

Life Skills Class
This is a fun interactive class about various life experiences that all of the residents share with each other.

Adoption Forums
Birth mothers, adoptive parents and others speak with residents about their personal experiences.

Art/Crafts Classes
Various classes that include knitting, sewing and quilting, held periodically throughout the year by community volunteers

Worth the Wait Abstinence Class
A partnership with the Crisis Pregnancy Center

American Lung Association
Educational and informative classes for residents.

University of Nevada Reno –College of Human and Community Sciences
A partnership with the School of Social Work and the School of human Development and Family studies providing student interns to learn and train with staff at Casa de Vida while working with current and past residents. On-going through the school year.