1. Proof of Pregnancy.

2. TB test prior to admission.

3. Drug test prior to admission.

4. All residents are required to either be working, in school, or volunteering prior to entering Casa de Vida, and to maintain that status during residency. College or high school students living in the house during the summer will be asked to volunteer or work during the school breaks.

5. Work and/or volunteer hours must be a minimum of 24 hours a week.

6. Residents who are unsuccessful in maintaining employment will be referred to JOIN (Job Opportunities in Nevada), Job Connect or other programs that can assist the resident in finding alternative employment and/or volunteer opportunities.

7. Casa de Vida is a residential program for pregnant young women. Policy states that housing and employment must be arranged prior to delivery. Once a resident has given birth, residents are encouraged to remain at Casa de Vida for a two-week post-pregnancy period for assistance and support. However, residents cannot exceed the two-week policy, and must have housing arranged prior to the two-week date. Daily rent will be charged in the amount of $10.00 or $70.00 weekly, with the first week being paid in advance for anyone wanting to remain in the home after the two-week discharge date.