The following are the house rules for Casa de Vida.

We ask that while you are in residence here you follow these rules. The purpose of the rules is to develop a family atmosphere of respect and caring between all who live here. Some of the rules, such as smoking, using drugs etc. are absolute. Other rules, such as mealtime or free time may occasionally be flexible, at the discretion of the housemother and social worker. It is our goal to create a place where everyone is comfortable, but also a place where everyone pulls their own weight and contributes to the needs of the home. Most importantly however, the rules are intended to provide a healthy safe environment for you and your expected baby. Thanking for helping make this happen.

General Admission Requirements

Residents will be required to provide proof of pregnancy and proof of a negative TB test.

Residents will be required to submit to a drug screen prior to entering Casa de Vida. Girls testing positive will be asked to re-test, to see if the drug levels are lowering. Positive tests will require admittance into outpatient drug treatment while participating in the Casa de Vida program. Please note that testing positive does not exclude you from entering the CDV program.

Residents will pay a refundable deposit of $5.00 for the key to their room.

Residents who have an income will be required to pay rent based on that income. Parents are required to pay for minor children and must provide proof of income at the time of intake. No one will be turned away solely on the inability to pay. Residents who receive TANF will be required to pay rent upon receiving their monthly check (See income chart).

Applicants are required to have either steady employment or be attending school prior to entering Casa de Vida. Also, they must maintain employment and/or school while living at Casa de Vida. If a resident quits or is terminated from their employment, they will be given approximately two weeks to find a new job. Adults who are close to completing their adult diploma or who are in need of completing a GED may be required to work and attend school. During the summer months, if not attending summer school residents are expected to work or volunteer.

Classes: All classes and programs have required attendance and come before all other activities. See the social worker regarding any conflict in your schedule. Those working part-time or fulltime need to schedule work hours around the Casa de Vida house calendar.

Visitors: There is a policy for visitors, which every resident is responsible for having their visitors adhere to. (Please refer to your binder).

No smoking, alcohol, or illicit drugs allowed. If you are suspected of using drugs or alcohol you may be required to take a drug test and if positive you will be referred to appropriate rehabilitation services. Failure to submit to testing or drug treatment will result in immediate termination from the program.

Medication: Resident’s are responsible for the purchase and administration of their own medications. This includes any over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol as well. Please see the social worker for a referral to Care Chest if you are unable to pay for a prescription given to you by your physician. Casa de Vida staff members are not allowed to give or purchase over-the-counter and/or prescription drugs to residents at any time.

Curfew: All residents must be home at 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday evenings’ curfew will be at 11 p.m.

In respect for all living in the home, residents should be in their rooms by 10:00 pm weekdays and 11:00 pm on weekends.

Residents must sign the destination log before they leave the house, and must leave a phone number where they will be and a time of return. Residents must sign back in on their return.

A resident must not leave the house without permission or knowledge by staff. Casa de Vida will not be held responsible for any actions or events that may happen as a result of leaving the premises without said permission.

Passes or other special arrangements for the weekend must be made with the social worker by 3:00pm on Thursday. You must have your parent/guardian call to approve the pass by this time. NOTE: Casa de Vida has the right to revoke passes at anytime.

Behavior in the house: No violent, vulgar, foul or abusive language or behavior will be tolerated.

Residents should be dressed appropriately at all times when not in their rooms.

There is to be no TV until after 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

In respect for the housemother’s privacy, her room is off limits without invitation.

To protect all resident’s confidentiality, the social worker’s office is off limits without supervision.

Meals: There is absolutely no cooking after 7:00 pm by any of the residents every day of the week.

Residents are responsible for preparing there own breakfasts and lunches.

Breakfast: You must be done cooking, eating and cleaning up no later than 10:00 am.

Lunch: You can fix lunch for yourself between 11:30 and 2:00pm. You must clean up after yourself as soon as you are done.

Dinner: Attendance is required at the evening meal at 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday. Residents must be home by 5:30pm to prepare for dinner. The housemother must approve any changes to this by 9:00am.

Snacks: You are always welcome to grab a snack, such as fruit, veggies, yogurt or cheese in between meals, if it is before quiet time.

Chores: All residents will have assigned chores that must be completed before leaving the house in the morning or by 6:00 pm. Additional projects may be assigned, such as bulk mailings, extra cleaning for special events, etc.

Rooms: The housemother and social worker have access to resident’s rooms.

Residents are asked to keep their rooms locked when they are not in them, as well as to keep valuable items in the provided lockers. Casa de Vida is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The rooms must be kept clean and the bed must be made at all times during the day. Please follow rules posted in each room. The housemother or social worker will inspect all rooms by 10:00 am Monday through Friday.

Note: Any items left in a resident’s room after 30 days of termination of services will be considered abandoned and will be disposed.

Phone rules: Residents will share a teen line. Please limit your calls to 15 minutes.

No incoming or outgoing calls allowed after 10 p.m.

No calls (cell also) are allowed during class or dinnertime.

Please respect each other’s privacy when on the phone.

All rules above also apply to personal cell phones.