Starr and Destiny

Starr and Destiny came to Casa de Vida needing safety, security, and housing. The pair left with a lifetime of support and friendship and a wealth of information to help them prepare for their future. Star has married her baby’s father and is currently attending the local community college. Both girls continue to be a friend to Casa de Vida, and occasionally visit the house to speak to the current residents about the realities of teenage parenting. During Destiny’s stay, she was able to continue her education, which has enabled her to become a certified CNA, while pursuing her nursing degree at the local community college.


Stephanie is a bright young girl who had the forethought to know that raising a child was beyond her means at this point in her life. She needed guidance and support while planning for an “open” adoption for her son. Stephanie now has a wonderful relationship with her son’s adopted parents, which include frequent visits. Stephanie also continues to maintain a long-distance relationship with friends and staff that she met while living at Casa de Vida.


Nicole was a young pregnant girl who was desperately in love with her baby’s father, but unsure of the level of commitment that the pair had to be a family after the birth of their baby. Nicole moved into Casa de Vida so that she could participate in the parenting classes and other activities while living at Casa de Vida. She worked through her pregnancy, saving money for her future, while maintaining a good relationship with her baby’s father. The pair has since become the family that Nicole had hoped for on that first day at Casa de Vida, and continues to visit and support other girls living at Casa de Vida.