House of Hope will supply residents with a place to live, laundry and cooking facilities, telephone and television service, and access to social assistance.

Please note: These guidelines are not meant to convey the entirety of our transition home’s operational policies. They are provided to give a sense of program eligibility, function, and policy.

• Residents must pay a small program fee, a flat utility fee, supply their own food, and provide their own transportation.

• Residents must be 18 years or older. Housing priority will be given to former Casa de Vida maternity home residents.

• Residents must be clean, sober, and free of severe mental illness. No alcohol, drugs, smoking, contraband, weapons, violent, or abusive behavior will be allowed.

• Residents may stay at the House of Hope for up to 6 months.

• Only the Mother and her infant child are eligible to reside at the House of Hope. Older children or significant others are not presently eligible.

• All residents must be employed, pending employment, or participating in a qualified study/work plan approved by the staff social worker prior to moving into the House of Hope.

• Child care must be arranged prior to moving into the House of Hope. The staff social worker is available to assist potential residents in this regard.

• Residents must return to the House of Hope by 9:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and by 10:00 pm Friday and Saturday.

• All visitors to the House of Hope must obtain a pass from the main house and return it upon leaving. Overnight guests are not permitted.

• The House of Hope is a “smoke-free” environment. Candles and incenses are also not permitted.

• Pets are not permitted at this time.

• Residents are required to meet weekly with the staff social worker.

• Resident is responsible for her child at all times