Casa De Vida

Casa de Vida is a private, nonprofit corporation providing a home and support services for pregnant young women. While some teens facing a crisis pregnancy have the support of a loving family, many others are less fortunate. They are frightened, disillusioned, and often without a safe place to live. Casa de Vida is a place to call home for any young woman facing this difficult situation. We offer:

      • A residence for pregnant young women with a live-in housemother.
      • A semi-independent, transitional living home for parenting young women and their infant children.
      • Case management services provided by our licensed, professional social worker for our clients and any other pregnant and parenting woman in the community.
      • Parenting, budgeting, nutrition, and child development classes.
      • Assistance in completing educational goals and finding jobs, childcare, and permanent housing.
      • An emphasis on the value and dignity of each client.
      • A Baby’s Closet that provides free infant clothing, diapers, formula, and baby equipment for our clients and those in need throughout our community.



Casa de Vida provides care for pregnant young women in need of help, in the belief that each pregnant woman and her unborn child are unique and valuable gifts of God.



Casa de Vida is funded by private donations and Grants.  Casa de Vida is also supported by dedicated volunteers from throughout the community.

We are always concentrating on our fundraising efforts on providing additional services to our residents and the community as a whole.  Casa de Vida is continuing to build their Endowment Fund. This fund is crucial to ensuring that the support, compassion, and hope we offer to the pregnant young women of this community will be available for years to come.